Friday, December 28, 2007

Millenium + Eight

OK Campers start feeding the piggy bank and the tithe to the gods of home entertainment because this is going to be a year for some extreme cinema, and if not 2008 than '09 for sure. Take a look...

Rambo - Face it. Rambo has become a guilty pleasure of our needs for SOCOM fantasies... at least for guys. "Oh PAM, it's a guy thing, PAM!!"
Cloverfield - J.J. Abrams "monster attack on New York. I call it Post 9/11 Godzilla. Expect mounting suspense and action leading you further and further out of your seat in spite of recycled screenplays

10,000 BC - a must-see trailer is out there now for this epic (amazing CGI work) and from how it feels it will succeed where Apocalypto fell short.

Iron Man - Buyer Beware! The super hero genre is quickly becoming (who are we kidding, always has been) Hollywood's bread and butter, slapping together a sloppy script and bathing us in visual effects hoping we'll accept their laziness...and we shamefully do.
Chronicles of Narnia - The first one was unfortunately criticized and compared with Peter Jacksons LOTR trilogy. From the trailer and story this sequel promises to satisfy a much older audience, similar to the progression of the Harry Potter Franchise (more on this later)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Ok, maybe Shia Labeouf is as Indy as a nazi pig, but we've been waiting for this movie for over 10 years. I dare you not to see it opening weekend!

The Dark Knight - Need I say more?
The Incredible Hulk - Scoff NOT!!! The old Incredible Hulk was a fiasco at best, but I foresee an almost "Batman Begins" similar resetting of the franchise with main actor Edward Norton.
Wall-E - This has got to be one of my most anticipated movies coming out. Wall-e combines the nostalgic characteristics and appearance of Johnny 5 but minaturized to the size of "Batteries Not Included" If you don't remember that one I highly recommend it. "GO PIXAR!"

Wanted - I'm a gun junkie. Period.
Mongol - This is going to be one of those hand toss foreign films that are either really awesome or not so really awesome.

Hancock - WILL SMITH is a superhero (of sorts) battling alcoholism, narcissism, and a whole sleuth of other problems. An interestingly (and curiously) genuine idea.

The Mummy 3 - Oh my, if there's anything we've learned from the never ending sequel attempts of production studios First step is A) come up with a great story, great visuals, great movie, then B) sign on for an overthetop sequel fo bigger stunts bigger jokes bigger budget crappier movie and finally C) redeem yourself with a super serious trailer and epic music to prove to audiences that this sequel will be closer to the "original" and has been recalibrated for what audiences "really" want. Sometimes they lie, sometimes they're telling the truth.

The Punisher : War Zone - I loved the first one and i'm glad to see that they've waited a few years for this one

Where the Wild Things Are - Our favorite childhood story comes to the big screen (can you tell i'm writing faster? My dinner's here :)

Bond 22 - I drool in anticipation, Casino Royale..... changed my life...kind of, but not in that lame-@ss way described by nerds who dive into their subconscious fantasies for relief from their spoiled and wasted this was way way different than that.

Star Trek -JJ Abrams current project after Cloverfield (can he finish in time by Christmas?) ask Spock.

Atlas Shrugged - Interesting blip on my radar, havent read the book but always wanted to

G.I. JOE - RAY PARK (toad, darth maul) is the legendary SNAKE EYES!!! 2009
Wolverine - This is going to be a risky one. 2009
Avatar - I'm stoked for this and I don't even know why 2009
Transformers 2 - See Wolverine 2009

Thursday, November 8, 2007

O'Doyle Rules!

Yes. No. What? Haven't gotten there yet. What's it to ya? Airplane was a funny movie. Snorkafork Billy-bally bang bang! Ok, that was my creative "typing without thinking" exercise that I like to do when I'm writing and get the ol' blockaroo in the brain. are you? Neato. Basically I define my week in Photoshop posters. Wanna see one? Too late, you alreadylooked! It's not your fault, the eyes just lock on to things that break structure; stick out. Not to mention that they're works of art. Art that someone else conceived and I followed the tutorial like a finger paint stencil, but art NONE THE LESS!!! We have a big time (big for us) auction this weekend, the items include Pancho Villa's pistol, rifle, and a gun of his body guard. We'd like to see it sell for $60,000 - $100,000; but don't count your russians before they revolt - mamma usta always say. As you can see, November was is will be a hoot and a scoop. But enough about that. I think Bishop is on vacation or dead, because I can't get him on the horn (this would be provo bishop, not santa clause bishop{ i always feel like whispering and checking over my shoulder when something is inside one of these parenthesis [ like I'm part of a secret Knights Templar Society] you know?} so don't get them confused)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fans, Excrement, & Velocity

So I may be screwed with a capital F considering BYU. I was allegedly supposed to defer a semester (FALL) and I have to be enrolled for Winter and be taking online courses by Dec 15th or Payment on certain loans will begin to come to fruition. But it's too late to enroll as a "former" student and the deferment application deadline was last week. But suuuuuuurely the Ahole Bureaucrats of the ever fair Happy Valley BYU Admissions office will kindly make an exception for yours truly. No Time, lots of worrying to do, Ta-Ta!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

God's Most Perfect Fruit: The Grape

The single most significant and influential characteristic of a grape is its crunch, its texture. Sour or sweet, a grape can be destroyed by the squish of unripeness. Even then, when a bad grape finds its way to your taste buds, is all lost?
No. You simply pick up his neighbor and quickly but firmly test its elasticity. Hopefully, it's resilient & unyielding, thus rendering an experience to counteract and trump the unfortunate prior grape engagement.

No other fruit offers such flexibility and promise; buy a peach or plum based on the time tested inspections of feel, color, and smell and you may still be deceived and hopeless, now holding your pitted snack in shameful defeat.

The in-season seedless and thus sterile red grape vine should be washed promptly and placed in a metal colander and then refrigerated to allow for proper drainage and chill, respectively. The grape, though content on its own, is valuable, complementary, and delectable with a number of various dishes; imagination is the only required ingredient.

So eat on, young connoisseurs of the vine! Embrace the untainted and loyal fruit of the ages, and live. Amen.

. . . and in the eyes of the hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Turning Tables

Ahh, now the anxiety of the blogger is bestowed on the bloggee...or something like that.

Every day? Wow that'll be ruff with a capital GH, but we'll see what we can do. The sweet ride that you see to the right (and by right, I obviously mean straight up) is a 1970 SS Chevrolet Chevelle. After an air-conditioning unit is installed it will retail for $50,000! Our building is full of all sorts of b*tchin' wheels (if you got a better adjective that is as appropriate, I'm all ears) but this one is, by far, my favorite (in case you want to tell Santa). Our business neighbors "Street Dreams" own them and are using our facility as a transition location while they move into their bigger building next door.

They'll also be the first car "club" collection featured in our monthly "Rockin' Rod Weekends" where we bring in rock & roll bands, car clubs, vendors and have a little program for them and get the public coming out too. And behind it all I'm the one who gets to have fun with Photoshop :) So the real question is, "What am I supposed to be doing today instead of writing about what I'm supposed to be doing on my blog?" Well I'll shamelessly tell it's....hang on I need my list, lol. Oh yeah, get all of those posters --------> printed up with hand outs for the car club meeting next Thursday in San Anton', Set up the PA system out in the Biergarten for open mic night (noone will show up, most likely), get back with Michael Martin Murphy's Booking Agent and renegotiate the contract, email photo's of antique spurs and memorabilia to our Frontier Times Auction promoter, Amy; Remind KFAN to update our acoustic revolution lineup on the radio, create a presentation package for potential sponsors, and maybe cut this mange of a head that I got going on now. Neat-O?

Ok, I actually need to go do these things. See Ya and I approve of the Mummy, so no make-up or nothing on babies? even around the lips or something? Bummer.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I've refrained from the blog scene hitherto primarily because,
a) nothing all that significant happens to me

b) who's there really to tell about it when and if, &
c) I place great value on a high level of anonymity

In spite of these noble reasons, there's only so much I can convey in comments on Susan's blog & also there's only the two of you and the dinner tables that you socialize with, and that's ok should my adventures travel with you twain.
So, yeah.

pranksters at harvard deface school monument
I say they awesomefaced it.


It was a vivid night for lucid dreaming; complete with a stroll down middle age Paris (yuck), flying over valleys and methinks the Shire and finally nightmares of work with too many customers and a slow moving line. My dad had hair though, thin on top and crazy on the sides like Albert Einstein, I gave him my comb to mat it down, but it wouldn't budge. Mom&Pop are driving to Virginia Beach (that's in Virginia, Susan; V-I-R-G-I-N-I-A) to pick up some stuff for an auction in November. And you know what that means! Party at the Adams' pad! It's a BYOBabies party so you & the Freemans shouldn't have any trouble getting in, just don't forget the DESITIN, that's DESITIN :). There's a wicked cool Outdoors Expo going on in Austin this weekend so I might go over there and check that out, it's a 40,000 attendee show annually, complete with ducks and kayaks, fun stuff.

And now it's time to play "WHAT SHOULD GRAYSON PICK?!?"

(notice how the exclamation point is surrounded and outnumbered by question marks indicative of how he (the exclamation point) would like to be excited as he normally is but is suffocating in his claustrophobic and hostile environment of doubt, indecision, and fear) (yeah that's some deep punctuation analysis)

I'll sign up for Winter semester classes but that don't mean I'll be going for sure, time will tell.

Oh man, you're missing some funny stuff on Sundays down in K-ville (no, not the new Fox Cop Drama)

Between Brother Metaphor-4-everything & Elder Obvious, Priesthood meeting is a hour of knee-slapping good time, however since knee-slapping on the sabbath is inappropriate we have to knee-slap in our hearts.

(grabbing a snickers)

Mmm, good stuff. Speaking of transfats wrapped in mini-size wrappers, have you given any though to what Savy will be for her first Halloween!! Now we all know kids make cute pumpkins, mice and other adorable, feeble, and generally harmless vegetables and animals. But what about doing something genuinely coooool , like a vampirette or werewolf or a MUMMY??? Hear me out, you still make it fun looking but with some simple face paints and sewing you could have one original and memorable baby Halloween! I think it's a great idea.