Friday, December 28, 2007

Millenium + Eight

OK Campers start feeding the piggy bank and the tithe to the gods of home entertainment because this is going to be a year for some extreme cinema, and if not 2008 than '09 for sure. Take a look...

Rambo - Face it. Rambo has become a guilty pleasure of our needs for SOCOM fantasies... at least for guys. "Oh PAM, it's a guy thing, PAM!!"
Cloverfield - J.J. Abrams "monster attack on New York. I call it Post 9/11 Godzilla. Expect mounting suspense and action leading you further and further out of your seat in spite of recycled screenplays

10,000 BC - a must-see trailer is out there now for this epic (amazing CGI work) and from how it feels it will succeed where Apocalypto fell short.

Iron Man - Buyer Beware! The super hero genre is quickly becoming (who are we kidding, always has been) Hollywood's bread and butter, slapping together a sloppy script and bathing us in visual effects hoping we'll accept their laziness...and we shamefully do.
Chronicles of Narnia - The first one was unfortunately criticized and compared with Peter Jacksons LOTR trilogy. From the trailer and story this sequel promises to satisfy a much older audience, similar to the progression of the Harry Potter Franchise (more on this later)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Ok, maybe Shia Labeouf is as Indy as a nazi pig, but we've been waiting for this movie for over 10 years. I dare you not to see it opening weekend!

The Dark Knight - Need I say more?
The Incredible Hulk - Scoff NOT!!! The old Incredible Hulk was a fiasco at best, but I foresee an almost "Batman Begins" similar resetting of the franchise with main actor Edward Norton.
Wall-E - This has got to be one of my most anticipated movies coming out. Wall-e combines the nostalgic characteristics and appearance of Johnny 5 but minaturized to the size of "Batteries Not Included" If you don't remember that one I highly recommend it. "GO PIXAR!"

Wanted - I'm a gun junkie. Period.
Mongol - This is going to be one of those hand toss foreign films that are either really awesome or not so really awesome.

Hancock - WILL SMITH is a superhero (of sorts) battling alcoholism, narcissism, and a whole sleuth of other problems. An interestingly (and curiously) genuine idea.

The Mummy 3 - Oh my, if there's anything we've learned from the never ending sequel attempts of production studios First step is A) come up with a great story, great visuals, great movie, then B) sign on for an overthetop sequel fo bigger stunts bigger jokes bigger budget crappier movie and finally C) redeem yourself with a super serious trailer and epic music to prove to audiences that this sequel will be closer to the "original" and has been recalibrated for what audiences "really" want. Sometimes they lie, sometimes they're telling the truth.

The Punisher : War Zone - I loved the first one and i'm glad to see that they've waited a few years for this one

Where the Wild Things Are - Our favorite childhood story comes to the big screen (can you tell i'm writing faster? My dinner's here :)

Bond 22 - I drool in anticipation, Casino Royale..... changed my life...kind of, but not in that lame-@ss way described by nerds who dive into their subconscious fantasies for relief from their spoiled and wasted this was way way different than that.

Star Trek -JJ Abrams current project after Cloverfield (can he finish in time by Christmas?) ask Spock.

Atlas Shrugged - Interesting blip on my radar, havent read the book but always wanted to

G.I. JOE - RAY PARK (toad, darth maul) is the legendary SNAKE EYES!!! 2009
Wolverine - This is going to be a risky one. 2009
Avatar - I'm stoked for this and I don't even know why 2009
Transformers 2 - See Wolverine 2009