Thursday, November 8, 2007

O'Doyle Rules!

Yes. No. What? Haven't gotten there yet. What's it to ya? Airplane was a funny movie. Snorkafork Billy-bally bang bang! Ok, that was my creative "typing without thinking" exercise that I like to do when I'm writing and get the ol' blockaroo in the brain. are you? Neato. Basically I define my week in Photoshop posters. Wanna see one? Too late, you alreadylooked! It's not your fault, the eyes just lock on to things that break structure; stick out. Not to mention that they're works of art. Art that someone else conceived and I followed the tutorial like a finger paint stencil, but art NONE THE LESS!!! We have a big time (big for us) auction this weekend, the items include Pancho Villa's pistol, rifle, and a gun of his body guard. We'd like to see it sell for $60,000 - $100,000; but don't count your russians before they revolt - mamma usta always say. As you can see, November was is will be a hoot and a scoop. But enough about that. I think Bishop is on vacation or dead, because I can't get him on the horn (this would be provo bishop, not santa clause bishop{ i always feel like whispering and checking over my shoulder when something is inside one of these parenthesis [ like I'm part of a secret Knights Templar Society] you know?} so don't get them confused)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fans, Excrement, & Velocity

So I may be screwed with a capital F considering BYU. I was allegedly supposed to defer a semester (FALL) and I have to be enrolled for Winter and be taking online courses by Dec 15th or Payment on certain loans will begin to come to fruition. But it's too late to enroll as a "former" student and the deferment application deadline was last week. But suuuuuuurely the Ahole Bureaucrats of the ever fair Happy Valley BYU Admissions office will kindly make an exception for yours truly. No Time, lots of worrying to do, Ta-Ta!