Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chicken Coop Fairy Tales (FW)

I've been charged to list 10 random things about myself and it may come across as no surprise that I've procrastinated the effort. However, now being 25 minutes to deadline and with nothing else for a topic to write about I surrender the following.

Randoms of Mr. Random, himself

1. I have a special affinity for squirrels, inasmuch that if I'm ever allowed to make a world, my first course of action will be to remove all disgusting vile arachnid creatures from the program and replace them with miniature squirrels that climb on your shoulder and give advice when they're not killing insects.

2. When I was in my early teens I was still getting offered a child's menu at restaurants. Just last week, someone mistook me to be the father of someone who is only 4 years my junior (Alyssa).

3. My preferred mutant (special) power would most definitely be stopping time just like the girl from the show "Out of this World" where she put her index fingers together. Naturally there would be no aging effects on myself during these periods of prolonged time stoppage. I would never be late or miss a deadline and when I got tired of being around people I could take a year off anytime I wanted. It would be rad.

4. When I feel anxious, I clean my room (well, sort of)

5. My favorite on campus game is "finish the sentence" as I hear a soundbyte from someone's conversation passing by and then finish it with the most ridiculously possible outcome of my own invention.

6. I like the things I like, but when I see someone else behaving similarly often I mock disapprovingly at their actions.

7. I do voices when no one is around to hear me, for my own amusement.

7. I like to mess with people's minds. (gotcha)

9. That which I'm not supposed to laugh at is what I find the most comical.

10. I spent twenty minutes trying to think of a good number 10, gave up, and poured myself a glass of chocolate milk. Mmmm, good stuff.