Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Turning Frowns upside down (and then rightside up)

I got the following email this morning from my Real Estate teacher.

I hope all of you felt great after finding out that you scored 100% on the exam. The testing center made an error when they gave you the immediate report for your exam scores. I was informed that the error will be corrected, and you will be able to view your final scores on the T/F and M/Choice portion tomorrow. It will take them a day to post the new/correct information.

I hope you all enjoyed your "day in the sun." And the testing center is "really sorry."

There was about 5 seconds after taking that exam when i was looking up at the scoreboard and thinking to myself, "Hey, I'm pretty smart, you know I studied and everything and all my work has paid off. Yay for ME!". And then Uncle Reason paid a visit to my brain and reminded me of how I've NEVER gotten a 100 on a BYU testing center exam, and for that to happen today on one of my most difficult classes I've had to date was unlikely at best, nigh impossible.

But it was a good five seconds, all the same.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009: Year of the Prank

Tuscon Arizona Comcast Customers got more then they bargained for when after the last touchdown by the Arizona Cardinals, their signal was switched to some rather lewd pornographic imagery, more than likely based on the narration of of Ed Norton from Fight Club.

Then today, this appeared on highway road signs.

Click Picture For Link

I have a theory that an underground prank movement like that of Project Mayhem from Fight Club is forming Nationwide; and i want in.