Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Buy with My Little Eye...

I don't remember exactly what triggered me, but I came to the decision that my life should be spend more outdoors than it currently is (lived). And where better to get campy than in the evergreen state - amirite? So a quick trip to REI and a few hundred bucks later I'm prepped and ready for any number of solo expositions into the unknown. So much for living with a budget, right? Yeah, my self control is total weaksauce. But look at all this awesome swag!

Katadyn Viro Microfilter: capable of filtering over 500 gallons at variable speeds depending on the purity of the source, AND can be attached directly to a bottle or camelbak intake valve. Awesome.

Second. when you're cold and in the wilds, it all boils down to core temperature and layering. Answer - Vests. The fact that this one also destroys windshear and looks sweet is a bonus, as well.

Lastly, (and this has been a needed addition for many a year) is a the Lost Ranger +15F Sleeping "System" from Big Agnes. 600 fill goose down with built-in sleeve for air mattress ensures that you'll never slippy slide off in the middle of the night finding yourself atop a jagged rock in your kidney. At under 3 pounds is perfect for backpacking and versatile enough for camping in warmer to moderate climates. And what I didn't fully realize before, is that REI is mega-anal about customer satisfaction inasmuch that if you're not 100% AT ANY TIME return the item for refund or exchange. No questions asked AND at the end of the year 10% of purchases are returned to the customer as a dividend. Frickin A, man.
So now all we need is a good sunny weekend, a destination, and a map. I probably won't be summiting Mount. St. Helens anytime soon, but hey. You never know - there is a Mt. Adams just a hop skip and jump east of there. Maybe it would be a good psychological and metaphorical achievement.