Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Turning Frowns upside down (and then rightside up)

I got the following email this morning from my Real Estate teacher.

I hope all of you felt great after finding out that you scored 100% on the exam. The testing center made an error when they gave you the immediate report for your exam scores. I was informed that the error will be corrected, and you will be able to view your final scores on the T/F and M/Choice portion tomorrow. It will take them a day to post the new/correct information.

I hope you all enjoyed your "day in the sun." And the testing center is "really sorry."

There was about 5 seconds after taking that exam when i was looking up at the scoreboard and thinking to myself, "Hey, I'm pretty smart, you know I studied and everything and all my work has paid off. Yay for ME!". And then Uncle Reason paid a visit to my brain and reminded me of how I've NEVER gotten a 100 on a BYU testing center exam, and for that to happen today on one of my most difficult classes I've had to date was unlikely at best, nigh impossible.

But it was a good five seconds, all the same.

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Susan said...

Awww...hahaha. That was a pretty good 5 seconds. I would have said "Yes!" under my breath while others passed by and starred at me.

Just have to say one thing...

"Books...Check em out!"